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I have been involved in hundreds of design packages for proposal work.


In doing so, I have developed the skills to layout complex systems in a short amount of time and have the ability to create presentation graphics that you need to win your next big contract.

Below is a shipboard davit system with remotely controlled manipulator for missile recovery operations.

This is the end-effector concept:

Below is a trencher concept for burying fiber-optic cable on the sea bed.† It is towed behind the ship laying the cable or can be used on cable that has already been laid.† The cable enters the red colored throat and is depressed into the soil by a stinger.† The stinger has water jet cutters on the front to carve a trench.

The stinger can be better seen in this picture:

This is a simplified trencher:

This is a section view of the simplified trencher to show the cable path:

Below is a concept of WSMís ManMate adapted to a hot roll forging process that was previously performed manually.† Operators literally had to man-handle red hot ingots of steel weighing hundreds of pounds with ice tongs.† There was a high rate of injury and operator turnover.† This solution was designed to greatly increase operator safety and comfort.

This is a view of the operation from inside the cab:

This is the same application but with the manipulators mounted to forklifts.

Cab view from the forklift:

The following concept is for a toxic waste remediation system.† Again, it is WSMís ManMate manipulator mounted to a tracked platform with diesel engine and hydraulic power unit.† The unit would be remotely controlled.

Two end-effector concepts:

Iíve done dozens and dozens of satellite system layouts for proposal work such as the one show below.† This isnít just a pretty picture, it has all of the feeds and reflectors properly positioned for proper beam projection.† Booms and actuator mechanisms are usually developed at this point as well, to ensure that if the project moves forward that there are no major unforeseen technical hurdles.