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Please note: this resume does not include most of my contract work.




Solid Modeling, 3D CAD: 18,000+ hours SolidWorks, 10,000+ hours AutoCAD, also some CATIA.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): 2000+ hours Cosmos, 100+ hours Nastran.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD):  300+ hours Cosmos FlowWorks.

Mechanism Design:  Aerospace Actuators, Industrial Mechanisms, Consumer Products, etc.

Machine Design:  Complex machinery with thousands of parts and multiple disciplines.

Injection Molding:  High Volume Consumer Products, Tool Design.

Sheet Metal:  Sheet Metal Chasses, Enclosures, Brackets, etc.

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems:  Circuit Design, Component Design, Manifold Design.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM): Cost Reduction, Manufacturing Workflow, Optimization.

Hands-On: Extensive practical experience including most forms of welding and machining.

Computer Related:  Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Powerpoint.  Photoshop.

Alternative Energy:  Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Fuel Cells.




    California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

             Bachelor of Science:  Mechanical Engineering, June 1997

                 Bachelor of Science:  Electronic Engineering, 85% complete June 1997




Independent Contractor,  Sacramento, CA                                                            4/09 to Present


Altergy Systems, Folsom CA                                                                                   5/05 to 4/09

             Senior Engineer for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Company

                 Product development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems

                   Responsible for complete fuel cell system mechanical design

                   Developed seven generations of fuel cell engines in three years

                   Responsible for guiding junior staff

                   Performed FEA and CFD when necessary to optimize product

                   Design product for significant price reduction and improved manufacturability

                   Worked intimately with Lead Systems Engineer and Lead Electrical Engineer to develop product

                 Product development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fueling Systems and Hydrogen Storage Systems


Northrop Grumman-Astro Aerospace, Carpinteria, CA                                       10/00 to 5/05

             Senior Engineer for Deployable Space Mechanisms Division

                 Designed mechanisms for space flight evaluation, personal hardware on orbit

                 Responsible for IR&D projects from conception to completion.

                 Managed design staff throughout the design process.

                 Stress analysis with NASTRAN FEA and COSMOS Works.

                 Supported Marketing on $100M+ projects by developing concepts and presentation material

Systems developed includes:

   Large-Scale Deployable Reflectors and trusses with hundreds of degrees-of-freedom

   Boom Actuators



   Spacecraft Interface Assemblies

Held Secret Security Clearance


Western Space and Marine, Santa Barbara, CA                                                    10/97 to 10/00   

             Chief Mechanical Engineer for Robotics and Research and Development Firm.

                 Responsible for complete projects from conception to customer.

                 Managed engineering staff and production staff.

                 Worked in a team environment for Walt Disney’s Imagineering designing interactive attractions.

                 Complete development and management for the production of large projects including:

                      Advanced Robotics including tele-robotic manipulators with force feedback

                      Industrial Manipulators

                      Off-Shore Products

                      Research and Development Projects


                      Hydraulic Components

                      Hydraulic Systems

                      Test Fixtures


APS Systems, Oxnard, CA                     6/97 to 10/97 full-time, 10-97 to 10-99 part-time consultant

             Chief Engineer for Electric Bus manufacturer.

                 Responsible for the completion of seven individual Commercial Transportation projects.

                 Designed and developed prototype electric and hybrid-electric busses.

Managed Electric Vehicle Simulation Software program, developing task-specific software as

     necessary, and drafting necessary documentation.

Designed motor mounts, adapters, brackets and necessary hardware to retrofit diesel busses to


Performed classical stress analysis as needed.

Performed dynamic computer simulations.

Drafted Non-disclosure Statements for four electric vehicle related patents.


McMahon Racing, Carpinteria, CA                                                                                               6/95 to 6/97         

                 Design Engineer for small Mountain Bike manufacturer.

                 Performed stress analysis on various components using classical and Finite Element methods.

                 Designed and built necessary testing equipment including vibration testing, static testing, fatigue                                                 testing, and dynamic testing.  Also assisted in photoelasticity testing.

                 Fabricated prototypes and fixturing for production and testing.

                 Invented low-cost, universal brake test unit in order to help dispel industry-wide myths and                                                           educate consumers.


United States Air Force, McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, CA                   9/89 to 12/92

                 Engineering Technician. Designed and fabricated Atomic Energy Measurement Equipment                                                           critical to National security in support of the United States Atomic Energy Detection System.

Specialized in advanced fabrication techniques of radioactive gas handling equipment, gas

     chromatography, cryogenic handling, and high vacuum systems.        

                 Pioneered a procedure which reduced laboratory operating costs by tens of thousands of dollars                                                   through the use of computer monitoring of a delicate procedure.

                 Held Top-Secret security clearance.

                 Received honors such as Airman of the Quarter, Honor Graduate, and the Commendation Medal.


EIT State Certified


Advanced/Graduate Courses in:

Ground Vehicle Design, Advanced Vibrations, Advanced Stress Analysis, Internal Combustion Engine Design, Acoustics, and Digital Control Systems



Here are some fun photos of a Leonardo daVinci inspired flying machine that I helped design for Disney Imagineering.  I was responsible to help with the mechanisms to help make the wings flap and the propeller spin.


It is currently in Disney Tokyo in an interactive section of the park.


I also worked on a windlass device to help lift an anchor in a sailing ship attraction as well as a giant steam bellows for a Journey to the Center of the Earth attraction.


If anybody comes across pictures of either of these finalized attractions, I would be eternally grateful.

I don’t know who these people are, but it looks like they’re having a great time...