Clouser Engineering

P.O Box 986

El Dorado, CA 95623

Phone: 805-570-1606

Fax: 425-790-2842

E-mail: clouserengineering@gmail.com




Complete Mechanical Design from Conception to Customer


Clouser Engineering covers all aspects of product development including:


-product design including:




-stress analysis


-manufacturing & assembly level drawings


product development including:

-test & evaluation

-production engineering

-production tooling

-prototype production

-Injection molding


-Precision machining

-marketing aids: design-based graphic art


Specialties include:

-ground vehicle design

-electric vehicle design

-mountain bike component and suspension design

-hydraulic systems

-virtual prototyping/solid modeling


Clouser Engineering has a very successful history of complete product design involving

not only the above disciplines but many others.

Projects range from very simple fixtures to very complex systems.

3-D CAD modeling is used for every product using AutoCad or Solidworks.

Consider Clouser Engineering for your next development project whether it be a

new product or an upgrade of a current one. Our creativity and ingenuity can help

you achieve that winning edge.