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Hydraulic Components


Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic Manifolds


Hydraulic Systems

Here are some examples of hydraulic cylinders that were designed to be “smart” or have force and position feedback:


They were designed to extend life to beyond a million cycles.

Differential Pressure Transducer:

Industrial Machinery, Hydraulic Manifolds and Systems:

Concept Bike:

Recumbent bicycle, designed and prototyped. 


Although the bike was finished and worked well, unfortunately there are no pictures of the finished product.

Fun Stuff

Below is a four-wheeled recumbent mountain bike designed and built as my senior project in college.


Please don’t ask how many hours it took or how much money I spent.


The result was an extremely lightweight vehicle that has four wheel independent suspension and four wheel steering.  It can be adjusted for 8 or 12 inches of travel.

Industrial Manipulator Systems


Multiple End-Effector concepts


System Refurbishment and Component Improvement

Lasers and laser packaging.

Hi-Production Commercial Products.  Injection molding.  Production tooling.

Pilates machine for infomercial.